Winged Wheel – Wheeee!

The weather is dreary and depressing here in Vancouver. There’s been a lot of rain and gray days and while I know complaining about rain in Vancouver is like complaining about traffic in NYC (in other words, pointless), I was in need of a pick me up. Winged Wheel to the rescue!

Winged Wheel is a fine papers and custom printing company that’s been creating lovely stationery since 1918. Based in Japan, they specialize in making original cotton and traditional Japanese paper and use hand-carved embossers for their designs.

I LOVE their whimsical motifs and I instantly wanted to buy everything upon sight. The best part – I can! They offer online shopping, so there’s no need to fly overseas. Prices are extremely reasonable and so is the shipping. Also, the site is really well done in English so learning Kanji isn’t necessary.

Their patterns and animal designs are simple yet fantastic and I can only imagine the feel of their cotton papers. Did I mention I love everything embossed? This is stationery heaven for me. I think I’m gushing…

Here are some of my favourites and do check out their site. You won’t be disappointed and just may order something for yourself.  Hmm… another item to add to the Christmas wish list?

These are their embossed motifs inspired by traditional Japanese designs. Each motif has it’s own special meaning and each embossed mark is made with hand engraved brass plates with colours hand painted. Of course, 100% pure cotton paper.

Winged Wheel Animals

This is their limited edition series which changes seasonally. How appropriate that umbrellas are present!

Wined Wheel Umbrella

Wined Wheel Helicopter

This is their “blue planet” series with exquisitely detailed animal illustrations that are letterpressed onto their cotton paper.

Winged Wheel Animal Illustrations 2

Winged Wheel Animals Illustrations

Winged Wheel Animal Illustration Set

Last but not least, some pretty translucent envelopes with animals:

Winged Wheel Envelope 2

Winged Wheel Envelopes

{ images from Winged Wheel }

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