Five For Friday – Matryoshka

Happy Friday everyone! Take five with some deliciously-fabulous Matryoshka printed objects and art. Or “Russian nesting dolls” for the many of us who can never remember the exact name.

What a clever idea to make folding cards! Cheers to the gang at Poketo for these great designs.


UK designer David Waters claims to have just “doddled” on these Russian nesting dolls. I’d say that’s more than doddling! Pretty cool…


Get a whole set of Matryoshka plates to suit! Thomas Paul shines through with colour and folk-like designs.


Matryoshka greeting cards and wrapping paper. And there’s more… check out Enna’s Etsy Shop.


Detailed rubber stamp spanning 1″ x 2″. Perfect for making patterns, sign-offs for cards or custom wrapping paper. Slightly unrefined edges makes it perfect. Only on Corrabelle’s Etsy shop!


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