Infographic Series Pt. 2

GOOD just announced the latest winner of their CEO Compensation Contest – Dee Adams. Dee may have just explained the reason why you always have that kink in your shoulder. The gripes of working in an office can be painful in many ways. So maybe it’s time you BYOB (be your own boss) if you’re not the corporate climbing type. Today’s post showcases Dee’s interpretation of the ridiculous CEO salaries and 3 other infographic designs to inspire your next presentation.

This is why Cassie and I have entered the blogging community – it provides an escape from the corporate life of sore backs, political players and the blue screen of death. Ah, how nice it is to come home to a Mac!

When you read GOOD’s post, it takes about 2 seconds for your eyes to squint in disgust or jealousy. But it couldn’t have been better stated than Dee’s approach. Even her type choice for the headline, the private sector really is about every man/woman for him/herself. Businesses pretend to care, but remember, you’re only #2 on the list. Businesses take care of themselves, and you must do the same.


While browsing the net, I came across RIFE design agency based in the UK. They developed a line called Edible which is a food brand “with westernized versions of foods eaten by hunter-gatherers worldwide.” Think candied, chocolate-coated or seasoned critters – worms, ants, crickets and tarantulas. Shivers up my back! But as part of this infographic-based post, they laid out where you can find these in quite the organized fashion.


Paula Andruss published an article with Deliver Magazine analyzing the customer’s mailstream. For marketers wanting to better their direct mail campaigns, her article outlines everything that it would compete with in the average American Household mailbox.


And another favourite from Threadless, the genealogy of the Spork is finally explained! And wearable for the next rainy day-chunky soup argument.


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