Trip to Oz: Day 3 is for Pulp Creative Paper

While burning time at the Sydney Airport, I picked up Frankie Magazine for about $8.50 AUD. This Art + Fashion + Music + Craft + Life publication is where I found inspiration for today’s post – featuring Pulp Creative Paper.

First of all, you must buy the latest issue of Frankie when travelling down to Australia or New Zealand. If you enjoy the same things Cassie and I do, you’ll love this mag. Unlike many fashion and lifestyle magazines found here in Vancouver, it’s artistic but easy to read. Even love their website – how refreshing.

And in the latest issue, there was a small feature on Pulp Creative Paper. I thought for a moment, more wrapping paper? How different can it be? Well your friends will get a kick out of this. Literally. Wrap that next mug or sweater with a foot on top. Or if you’re not careful, a pelvis bone on top. Need I say more?

If it doesn’t suit your humour, find something more cheerful like the brightly coloured Russian dolls. Cute!


Or for the friends who complain about getting old, rub it in with paper that takes them back to the “good ol’ days”. Toys from “back then” or memories of that trip to Egypt. Okay, who cares! The gift wrap is awesome!


There’s more variety too – like the pixelated paper. The perfect piece to make your frenemies go cross-eyed.


And to give you a taste of other fun goods, I’ll leave you with this specially boxed sticky note set and a couple letter writing sets.


Hilarious sleeping bag people!


{ Images from Pulp Creative Paper }

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