Trip to Oz: Day 1 visit to kikki.K

About 2 weeks ago, I had the fortune of traveling to Australia for work! It was a 1 week whirlwind tour, but the long flight was worth it. Sydney and Melbourne are amazing harbour cities with many similarities to Vancouver. And as a tribute to this enjoyable trip, I have decided to make this entire week a tribute to some of Australia’s finest paper goods and design talent – with today’s post featuring kikki.K, a stationery shop with Swedish influence.

The flight from Vancouver to Sydney was 15 hours, and I tell you, anything past 10 hours all feels the same. And dealing with jet lag wasn’t as painful as I had thought. I arrived in Sydney Sunday morning and warm humid weather was enough excitement for me to remain awake.

My hotel was conveniently situated near the Queen Victoria Building. Very reminiscent of Harrods in London, this downtown shopping centre is a converted heritage building spanning a few blocks. That was my first stop as I madly dashed through to find pre-paid mobile broadband Internet for my week stay. And upon doing so, it was with delight to find kikki.K.

Based on her store profile online, Kristina “Kikki” Karlsson found an opportunity to market stylish yet functional paper goods – as often found in her native Scandinavia. She opened her first stationery boutique in Central Melbourne in 2001 and has since expanded internationally.


My take on why her business is so successful? It solves a problem we all encounter. It’s maybe why we all have a need to be crafty – because we can’t find what we want in store or what we want is outrageously expensive. Well I didn’t have those problems while browsing this shop. I found the items reasonably priced and built with the quality I’d expect.

Simple and stylish everyday items like binders, photo albums, journals as seen below.If you’ve ever had to set up a home office, you would understand how difficult it is to coordinate your supplies with your office decor. It’s no wonder Martha Stewart has devised crafty projects such as wallpapered storage boxes or paper file holders. It’s because the cheap Staples crap just doesn’t do it and you need something to hide it.

Well hide no more. These lovely stationery goods make it easy to organize your bookshelf. Or for you merchandising geeks out there like Cassie and I, colour block your shelves!


Stickers, pencil cases, diaries… check out kikki.K online to browse through all the cute office products.


My favourite of all her collections is the black and white line of stationery and gift wrap. The measuring tape ribbon paired with the illustrated black gift wrap deserves the OMG award of the day!


{ Images from kikki.K }

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  1. Hi there. So happy to hear you loved kikki.K. We can’t wait to open in Canada. How do you think we’d do there?


    Paul – co-founder/ceo

    1. Hi Paul! Thanks for your comment and question. I’ll send a follow-up email later today to give you some thoughts about opening in Canada!

    2. I am in Australian living in Vancouver and I think Kikki.K would do really well here.
      There is nothing like it and if you got your beautiful stores in the right spots I think they would really take off.
      I love your products and have been using them for years and would love to be able to buy them here.

    3. I first visited your store at Bondi Junction in 2010 (I am from Vancouver) and loved it! I agree with a previous poster that if you opened in the right areas, you would do really well. Yorkville Mall in Toronto, Bloor St in downtown Toronto, Calgary, and many areas of Vancouver would totally embrace your products. Anything Scandinavian or Australian is loved by Canadians! In Vancouver, try downtown (Robson St or Pacific Centre), Park Royal in West Vancouver, Metrotown in Burnaby, or Guildford Town Centre in Surrey. Please come to Canada…or at least Vancouver! 🙂

  2. Hi 🙂
    I live in Australia, kikki.K is great! I was just wondering, if you dont mind, what do you for your job? I would love to travel over to America and it has been my dream to travel the world, so I am always interested in peoples careers in which traveling is involved!

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