More Shadows and Silhouettes

A couple weeks ago I did a feature post on Le Papier Studio – a fantastic site that offers delightful silhouette themed items. I’m back with more!

Silhouttes aren’t necessarily limited to just human figures as I’ve seen animals, botany and everyday items become the subject. But the ones featured here are for the purists – a method of illustration that convey emotion through the human form. Coupled with clever design, whimsical words and neat execution, silhouettes are really timeless.

From one of my favourites (check out this post for more of their work), French Paper note cards:

French Paper Silhouette Notecards

Prints from Nella Designs, another great source for beautiful silhouette work:

Nella Designs Kid Print

Nella Designs Love Print

Nella Designs Kids Kissing Print

Other Etsy seller, Silhouette Blue offers pretty stationery and invitations:

Silhouette Blue Baby Card

Silhouette Blue Hula Card

Silhouette Blue Love Card

Silhouette Blue Swing Card

Silhouette Blue Wedding Card

And I stumbled upon this on the Austin Wedding Blog – a unique wedding cake with a silhouette theme:

Silhouette Cake

{ Images from French Paper, Nella Designs, Silhouette Blue, Cakeladycakes }

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