It’s a Boy Girl Party

Elephants can read books, cats can write notes and squirrels can be damn good guitar soloists. Everything is possible when it’s a Boy Girl Party.

Part fairy tale and part children’s book is how I’d like to describe the stationery and goods from Boy Girl Party. It seems there is a story behind every picture and every note. Although birds on telephone wires have dominated much of the stationery world, cats, dogs, octopi and squirrels are more fun and playful.


Melodicat Art Print and Moving Cards

Notepads, lists, post-its, magnets, recipe cards, prints, t-shirts and more. Pets personified with instruments, tools and even planes. Don’t you wish these characters each had their own storybook?


Elephant Bookplates


Octopus Label Set


Swingers Memo


Squirrel Note Pad


Pet Magnet Set


Squirrel Bunny Recipe Cards


Mini Notes Set

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