Not for the Scent-sitive

Someone had to try it – scratch ‘n’ sniff wallpaper in 3 fruity flavours. Just follow your nose…

To set things straight, I am not a wallpaper fan. It brings vivid memories of precious hours scraping the damn thing off during a friend’s renovation. I hate to say it, but the beautiful patterns I’ve seen lately do make it tempting to become a fan. And to see how Flavor Paper leapt high and low to accomplish only what most dream of, I thought this was worthy of a blog post.

Their Fruit Cocktail collection consists of 3 styles of scratch ‘n’ sniff wallpaper. As I have not sniffed a real product, I cannot comment on whether it’s lovely. But I can tell you that I absolutely love the printed graphics for all three.FlavorPaper_banana_525w

B-A-N-A-N-A-S and Cherry Forever

They remind me of Andy Warhol and I think every beige room could use a dose of these bright colours. If you’re non-committal like me, there are TONS of other ways to use these designs. A friend recently gave me a thank you gift – Wallpaper Projects, by Chronicle Books. Some great ideas for applying wallpaper to bookshelves or serving trays!FlavorPaper_tutti_525w

Display Room and Tutti Frutti

The concept is cool, but it does leave me wondering how long it would last in your home? Would you mind guests coming over to scratch your decor? Would it be another germ fest? Would you scratch it knowing someone else could have sniffed the same spot the other day?

If these don’t tickle your fancy, Flavor Paper does offer many other modern designs without the scratch ‘n’ sniff feature. These below designs caught my eye and hopefully they catch yours too. Check out their site for many more slick designs.FlavorPaper_pattern2_525w


Geometric, floral and classic designs

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