Cute Gone Bad

Lighten up a stressful day with a cute and cheeky notepad at your desk. Cute Gone Bad reveals the awkward side of cartoons through comics, printed notebooks, t-shirts and buttons. Warning, adults only.

Kawaii Not is “the comic for cute gone bad”. Developed by Meghan Murphy, Kawaii Not is a four panel webcomic for everyday laughs. Kawaii is the Japanese term for “cute”. And when paired with “not”, we get to see its darker side.


Kawaii Not Notebook and Buttons

The souvenirs seem to be ever popular, given the backorders and sold out signs. But nevertheless, you can visit the site to browse over 200 comics. The button packs are exceptionally cute!CuteBad_buttons_525w

Kawaii Not Button Packs

Kawaii Not ComicCuteBad_comic2_525w

Kawaii Not ComicCuteBad_comic3_525w

Kawaii Not Comic

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  1. I still think this IS super cute!
    Urban Outfitters on Granville St may still be selling it if anyone is interested in picking up a copy. Call first.

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