50 Designs, 1 Pack

Finally! A company that can print a set of 50 business cards with 50 different designs. Submit your own design or choose from ready made. Absolutely amazing and exciting!

Many creatives could agree that designing for yourself is the most challenging task. I could agree. I’ve changed my mind so many times, it’s one of the reasons I could not get a tattoo. There is so much inspiration in our world, I can’t seem to settle on one design to last me now till forever.MOO_Linhy_525w

MOO MiniCards by Linhy

MOO is here to make it easy. This online printing company gives any creative the chance to express themselves 10-100 different ways. They print business cards, MiniCards, postcards and greeting cards that allow anywhere from 10 to 100 different designs on one side. Get variety in one print run.

MOO Business Cards – Sampler


MOO Design by Abigail A Percy

For those who haven’t printed business cards before, normally you are limited to 1 design for 1 print run, whether it’s 250 or 500 business cards. It can be costly for printers to set up their press – costly in both time and labour. So understandably, MOO’s cards aren’t cheap but they’re reasonable.

I think the best deals MOO offers are their Business Cards and MiniCards. Get 50 Business Cards for $21.99 USD or 100 MiniCards for $19.99 USD. The MiniCards are slightly skinnier in size compared to the Business Cards.

Need a quick solution? Choose from ready made designs.MOO_minicards_525w

MOO Ready Made MiniCards – Sampler (12 of 50 designs)

They even have ready made by designers. My favourite are these Stranger Business Cards. “Hand these out to strangers whom you suspect might enhance your life.”MOO_strangercards_525w

MOO Stranger Business Cards by Benrik

These cards are digitally printed, meaning that you will not be using Pantone colours or fancy effects like letterpress. With digital, I wouldn’t expect top quality but at least you get a decent grade of paper and the ability to print full colour in so many ways.

Showcase your portfolio, or make trading cards. MOO offers services from both the US and London. They don’t outright offer “design your own” stickers, but from their portfolio, looks like you could ask for a special print run.MOO_stickers_525w

MOO Sticker Design by Robyn Pollman

I am so excited, I can barely contain myself.

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