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This was the first year I visited the One of a Kind show here in Vancouver and like Christine said, we checked out every booth diligently and methodically so that we wouldn’t miss a thing. We spent quite a bit of time in the Hob Snobs booth, which is a Vancouver-based art and design collective.

One member of the collective is Jeannette Ordas of The Beautiful Project. She has so many really fun and cheeky cards for all occasions and I just couldn’t resist picking up a bunch. There is such great creative stuff coming out of Vancouver. Here are the ones I bought along with others that gave me a good laugh. Check out the rest of her collection here and pick some up for yourself!

For this first one, believe it or not I actually had someone in mind when I bought it!

The Beautiful Project Farts

I had to buy this card but I have no idea when I’m going to use it… it just made me laugh!

The Beautiful Project Hooray

For the sweetie in your life:

The Beautiful Project Hump

The Beautiful Project Wild

For my soon to be 30 friends…

The Beautiful Project Nuts

And only for those who have a sense of humor…

The Beautiful Project Screwed

{ images from The Beautiful Project }

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    1. If they’re willing to express their fondness about you in terms of farts I’d say it’s a compliment!

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